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King Biscuit Festival
New Orleans
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Howdy Folks!!!

I have some Hotel info to share with you incase New Orleans is a possible
site for the gathering in Sept. of 2001.  Thank you Blues Sistah Janis for
snailmailing me this info...hehe....The rates are very good considering this
Hotel is located in the heart of the French Quarter.  

This is a proposal for 15 guest rooms for three nights in Sept. 2001, at the
Hotel St. Marie.  Located in the French Quarter.

September 13-14-15, 2001
Singles/Doubles:   $135                Additional Persons:   $20

September 20-21-22, 2001
Singles/Doubles:   $150                Additional Persons:    $20

Applicable taxes will be charged, currently at 12% sales tax and
$1/room/night occupancy tax.  If required, baggage handling is $5 per person
which includes rountrip service.

One guest room will be complimented provided that 18 paid rooms are occupied

Continental breakfast vouchers may be purchased at $6.50 per person
inclusive.   Full American breakfast vouchers are $9.50 per person inclusive.

1.    Conference Room.  There will be no charge for the use of the conference
room provided that at least 20 paid rooms are occupied nightly.  If less than
20 rooms are occupied there will be a $95 per day charge.

2.    Food and Beverage Service.  Coffee & Beverage Service can be provided
at $4 per person per morning service and $4 per person per afternoon service
inclusive of tax and gratuity.  Lunch is available from $12-$20 per person
and cocktail receptions are available at $24-$49 per person inclusive.

3.    Parking.  Overnight automobile parking is available, currently at $14
plus tax per auto per night.

4.    Audio/Visual.  We can rent at cost any A/V equipment you may need from
a local A/V company.

This is only a proposal from the Hotel St. Marie. No rooms are confirmed at
this time.

I apologize for not getting this info out to all of you sooner.  New Orleans
is very exciting city to visit.  Bourbon Street has PLENTY of music with a
mixture of Blues and Jazz.  Other sites of interest: House of Blues Bar and
Resturant, Planet Hollywood, Jimmy Buffet's Bar and Resturant, Pat O Brien's
(home of the killer The Cats Meow (alot of fun if you like
Karokee), Tipitina's, Jackson Square, Riverboats, Cafe Dumond (not sure of Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo, and AWHOLE LOT MORE! LOL

The New Orleans airport is a major hub (if Im saying that and
best of all, everything is in walking distance once your located in the Qtr.
But lots of walking....for myself I have to use my wheelchair :-( unlike in
Memphis :-) ...hehe....

I also checked on several Hotels besides this one, and room rates vary...With
this hotel situated in the heart of Bourbon Street. This is a very GOOD rate.

Again, Thank you Sistah Janisrocks for helping get this information out.
and XOOXOOXOXOOXOXOX to all of you for doing so much work with
research......I know I appreciate you as well as all the blues roomies :-)

LETS MAKE 2001 ROCK! yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaa!
xoxoxo Parmy xoxoxooxo
ps. Gator have you done your homework for Memphis? lol

  Friday, January 12, 2001 06:20:54 AM