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When Parmela first started announcing Blues 1999 in Memphis, I knew this was the place for me. Like everyone who stays in the music-blues chat room, I have made many wonderful friends. Getting to meet some of the roomies and share real hugs, share our music and listen to and jam with the players on Beale Street, get drunk together and really become close - what a special thing we have in this! Ahhh, life just doesn't get any better. The first and second blues gatherings were in Memphis. A fitting arena because even though blues music was happening in many locations, it kinda came together to make W. C. Handy famous and Memphis was named the place where the blues were born. The city gives great respect to that history by placing historical landmarks everywhere and blocking off two blocks of Beale Street for pedestrian traffic only. In the evenings all the bars have bartenders right out on the sidewalk, and some clubs stay open till dawn. You can rub elbows with some great and famous artists. And if you happen to be with someone as knowledgable as our own Janisrocks or Deakharp, you might even have a clue who you're rubbin' up against. That's part of what's so cool, as a group, we manage to bring these musicians to us for conversation about the music, and, of course, photos. The Hampton Inn is smack dab in the middle of the energy and across the street from the W. C. Handy Park where bands are always playing for tips. There is no need for transportation other than between the airport and the hotel. And catching up with the other roomies is easy cuz the clubs sell wrist bands that get you into most all the clubs. It's only two and a half blocks big anyway, finding a group of blues roomies is easy. Bands play for tips out of every nook and cranny, and the place is filled with excitement, history, music and smiles. Hotel accommodations at the Hampton Inn are fairly reasonable, last year I paid $115 a night plus about $15 in taxes per night, for a single. Suites are more expensive. There isn't a whole lot more to say because everything is right there. Riveratchuck, who lives nearby, has hosted the last two gatherings in Memphis. The first year we had a conference room to PARTY and JAM. We took full advantage of the opportunity, I have the pictures. The second year, Riveratchuck provided his suite for us to party and jam right off of beale street. It was fantastic cuz jamming happened in Chuck's suite every single night. Chuck, you did great both times. Your shoes will be difficult to fill. Memphis is easy, convenient, filled with history and music, a special place (like no other), very handicapped accessible and lots of fun. Should we choose to return to Memphis for September 13-16, 2001, we will need volunteers to shuttle to and from the airport. C-String remembers the Memphis airport, hehe. We will also need someone to provide a suite for jamming. The rest just kinda happens. Below is some more information on Memphis, available on the web. You may need to cut and paste the address into your browser. It's worth the effort. 


  Thursday, January 11, 2001 10:34:08 AM