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If you would like to host a review, here are some guidelines:

 1: Decide on an blues-based artist or an album. Remember that our original
 goal was to expose people to an artist or album they might not be familiar

 2: Get material ready. Research done from books, magazines or videos will
 help move your review along. Especially important is finding out how
 available the album is. Check out popular CD shopping sites on the

 3: Find websites about the artist to be used for your trivia questions.
 Choose 2 or 3 max.

 4: Make copies of the album for those that can't find a copy. Xerox liner
 notes if possible, because they are a great source for trivia questions.

 5: Get a review date from Redpop and advertise that date. Send info to
 Upearly to post on the web page and send info out on the mailing list.
 holidays for review dates and give folks a minimum of 2 weeks notice to
 the album. A month's notice is preferable.

 6: Most important: have fun! Although a review is educational, it's not a
 college final. It's about spreading the word of the blues to those with
 thirsty ears!

 Guidelines for trivia that follows the review:

 1: From the websites, liner notes and facts that you discussed during the
 review, come up with a list of 30-40 questions. Make your questions about
 the artist and their music.don't dwell on dates and times. Who the heck
 wants to memorize that drivel and for what purpose does it matter?

 2: To save time writing questions during the trivia, compose your
 in your Word program. Cut and paste from that document to the Bluesbreaker
 room as the game progresses. Web users may not be able to do this, so
 have someone help you alternately ask the questions.

 3: Think of prizes to give away, but don't go overboard. People are happy
 they win a tape of CD copy. Try to offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes.
 Award them either by most correct answers, or by putting the names of
 everyone who answered a question right (even if they weren't fast enough
 be first) and participated in the review. Those that couldn't get the
 because they live in a former communist country are still eligible if they
 participate in the review and trivia.

 4. Before asking each question, please ask if everyone's ready. Ask your
 question IN CAPS. If the question has more than one answer or needs a
 specific answer (nickname, full name, exact answer etc) please announce
 before the question. Also, state if you want the answer on one line, or if
 multiple answers get multiple points. Be specific and avoid questions that
 are confusing, controversial or have more than one right answer. If more
 than one person says they answered correctly first, go by who appeared
 on your screen.

 5: Spelling and abbreviations. Full names of artists/groups/titles are
 mandatory. Howlin' Wolf rather than Wolf or HW. Fabulous Thunderbirds, not
 Fab Thunderbirds, etc. Spelling errors are up to the host. Typos are ok,
 blatant misspellings may be given the gong.

 6: If a tie-breaker is needed, only those involved should answer.

 7: Please mail prizes within a reasonable amount of time.

 And those that attend the reviews: please be kind to the host by behaving,
 enthusiastic and encouraging. Feel free to comment on what you're
 to, even if its only to say something like "cool guitar solo here." If you
 come into the room and just want to BS, then please go back to the Blues

 Also, if someone is kind enough to make you a copy of the review album,
 please consider reimbursing them with a few bucks to cover tapes/CDs and
 postage, some blank tapes or a trade of some other music. Lou has a nice
 idea about putting some donations into a general fund, which we can

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