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The first two Blues Roomies gatherings happened in Memphis.  After the first gathering in 1999,  we discussed other locations, but decided that we wanted to return to Memphis.  We hadn’t had enough, and Memphis is so easy. 


For the 2001 gathering, Parmella decided to make it an open forum.  At times, the openness of it became a problem.  It seems that everyone wants to have a say, but few want to put in the time it takes to pull off an endeavor like the gathering.  The interested roomies met for discussion on various cities.  The chosen date is September 13-16, 2001.  Parmella and Janisrocks volunteered to research and post information about New Orleans.  Rere took on St. Louis and Kansas City.  I (jivemama) accepted the responsibility of researching Chicago.  And, all agreed that the research on Memphis is done.


With Rere’s move to Missouri, not much time was left for research for the gathering to be in St. Louis or Kansas City.  These can be researched another year.  That left us with New Orleans, Chicago and Memphis.  Then Lou decided that the King Biscuit Festival should be a contender.  However, it happens in October.  By this time, there were only a few of us left on the committee.  We agreed to open the listing to the Biscuit Fest, and Lou agreed to do the posting.  Upearly agreed to post the four choices on the Blues Roomies web page that he has built for us all.


We gave ourselves till the end of the year to write the files for Upearly to post.  Then it’s Setzerchick’s turn to begin the voting.  Voting will go to the two roomies that Setzerchick has contacted.  Ashley, will you please begin the voting when all four files have posted?  Upearly will let us know via the e-list.


There will be two kinds of votes.  One vote is for those who seriously plan to attend.  The other vote is for those who cannot or will not attend for whatever reason.  Ok, ok, laugh.  Yes, we will have a popular vote to see where the roomies in general would like to go, if they could attend.  And there will be a vote for those of us who would walk all the way there, if necessary, in order to be there.  This is to insure that the roomies who do attend will end up in the city of their choice.


The committee’s work is done.  Soon it will be everyone’s time to vote. 


Blues hugs to everyone and special thoughts for the season and throughout the New Year.  Always remember to commit random acts of kindness.




  Friday, January 12, 2001 06:13:30 AM